Do you feel hopeful and energized reading about our vision and work? Do you have time or expertise relevant to The Bearcamp Center’s endeavors? Consider joining one of our committees and bring this vision to life!

Committees Include:

  • Building and Grounds: design and plan for our next home;
  • Food Security: help us to continue to feed those who need or want the delicious food we offer by helping to research and design a meal model which includes dinners to-go, weekend meals for local schools, congregate dining, and special food events–all by donation;
  • Out of School Programming for school age children, providing invigorating opportunities for kids to come together when school isn’t in session–during vacations and summer months–strengthening their social, physical, and intellectual selves.
  • Adult Educational and Social Activities: what do adults in our communities need to thrive? Explore and create programs which build longevity-ready communities, optimizing each stage of life.

While we are a work in progress, building our ambitious new projects, we’d love to hear from you. What questions do you have? What information can we provide? Please reach out.

Contact Executive Director Lianne Prentice
Snail Mail: 1164 Bunker Hill Road, South Tamworth, NH 03883
Phone: 001 (603) 651-9344