The Bearcamp Center for Sustainable Community is located in South Tamworth, New Hampshire. We are a small non-profit working in the heart of Carroll County, especially in the areas of food insecurity, out-of-school education programming as affordable child care, and elder initiatives. We collaborate with local schools, police departments, churches, welfare administrators, and other service agencies to support individuals and families.

According to the Institute for Sustainable Communities, “(a) sustainable community takes into account, and addresses, multiple human needs, not just one at the exclusion of all others. It is a place where people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives feel welcome and safe, where every group has a seat at the…table, and where prosperity is shared.”

We nourish and nurture citizens of all ages in central Carroll County by providing nutritious and delicious meals; affordable child care during school vacations; and out of school education programming for resiliency and socialization, all on a sliding scale or by-donation basis, allowing each participant to maximize personal potential with dignity.

We fill the gaps in services designed to support people working to make ends meet. To thrive, people must be nurtured and nourished, treated with dignity, and joyfully supported.  By feeding the body and the spirit, we enhance an individual’s strength and will to move productively in the world, maximizing personal potential and community engagement. 

Core Values

  • Act responsibly with all people and places
  • Honor the individual
  • Face challenges with courage
  • Boldly address inequity