Why We Travel

The Community School has, for 30 years, used the world as its classroom. We bring what we learn in South Tamworth to others–next door and across the world–and we learn from people doing authentic research or grassroots action in far-flung places.  Our students study at Schola Humanitas, a math and science school in Litvinov, Czechia and have a long history of exchange with the Monte Verde Friends School in Costa Rica.  We visit cities and tiny rural villages, meeting with scientists and farmers, students and professors. 

We observe and learn.  We do and learn. We volunteer.  We see sights.  Simply spending time with folks of different cultures–whether those cultures be from another country, or perhaps more complexly, from various regions in our own vast nation–is an enormously beneficial growth experience.  We learn to observe and listen, work hard for others, and glean from history. In the past five years, TCS students have traveled to, studied in, and rambled around Washington DC, Prague, Phoenix, Tucson, Durham, Boston, Burlington, Township 27 Maine, Berlin (Germany, not NH!), and NYC. 

This year, in the first eight weeks of school, all students will travel for at least four nights away from home.  We believe there’s benefit in feeling comfortable and functional outside the niche we know best.  We learn from being the outsider and finding ways to overcome spaces between people.

Check out our travel plans for October and November 2019.  Here’s where we’ll go and what problems or curricular areas we’ll be tackling with what we gain from these experiences.


City planning for climate change

Energy production and transition

Social paradigm shift

Community resilience

Prep for rising seas

Montgomery-LA Bayou-Laredo

Racial Justice

Community resilience

Prep for rising seas

City planning for climate change

Climate change v. poverty

Constitutional rights of immigrants

Immigration and violence


Problem solving for future

Creative thinking

Biosystem resilience

Weather Adaptation

Migration and climate change

Immigration and poverty

Immigration and violence