Education Mentors and College Application Support

Having access to learned people who love to learn can support the growth of key attributes which you’ll rely on throughout your life: problem solving, resilience, curiosity, and perseverance. Whether you’re an elementary school student learning fractions or to read, a middle schooler tackling a first major research project or writing a sonnet, or a high school junior or senior exploring the possibilities for education after high school, chances are you’ll feel more confident and get more satisfactory results if you have a mentor who can guide you.

Beginning in September 2022, The Bearcamp Center will offer evening academic mentor sessions in conjunction with our congregate dinners, all open to the public by donation. Let us know a little about yourself and your academic support needs, and we’ll match you with a talented, experienced, fun mentor who can make learning an exciting challenge rather than a painful slog. Come to dinner once or twice a week, bring your homework, and settle in!

For high school juniors and seniors, we will offer college application support. With 15 years of experience shepherding teens through the wilds of the application process, we are confident in our ability to help find good fits for post secondary learning. How do you choose a college or program? How do you pay for it? What viable options are there to a traditional four year program? All aspects of the application process are supported.